Recruitment: Artificial Intelligence vs. ATS

Technology has come to transform and improve Human Resources processes, and to be more specific, in this article we will cover their impact on recruitment. This issue still raises many doubts in professionals in this area, the majority with respect to what is the soundest option for the company: ATS or artificial intelligence?

For you to make the best decision, we will tell you what these two HR trends are, what their advantages are, and what their differences are.

What Is an ATS?

The ATS- in English: Applicant Tracking System is, as its name indicates, a system that serves essentially to order the information on candidates and the recruitment process. In a few words, it is the medium or tool that helps you, as a recruiter, to do pending tasks without the need for more than one single interface.

This software allows for establishing interactions, thus creating a friendly experience between the candidate and your company through a structured environment. It functions based on parameters like the use of keywords that define the degree of correspondence between the candidate’s resume and the position offered, affirms the website Infoempleo in its Human Resources section: HRTrends.

With an ATS applications go through all the stages of a selection process: from candidate training to hiring a new employee. This makes it different with respect to traditional job announcement websites.

Advantages of an ATS

As the global community of managers APD mentions, some of the main advantages of an Applicant Tracking System are the possibilities to:

  • Identify new needs for the work positions.
  • Organize all of the resumes that are received for a vacancy. 
  • Manage different tasks related to the selection processes, among them, carrying out interviews online.
  • Consolidate the candidate database quickly and practically.

What Is Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment?

One of the most beneficial applications of artificial intelligence in Human Resources departments is intelligent recruitment. It consists of using software with advanced algorithms that simulate the human capability to perceive, make decisions, and solve problems, in order to map all of the candidates equitably and fairly. In this way, you reach the most qualified ones for a vacancy and select those with greatest potential. 

Advantages of a Recruitment Software with AI

The digital magazine Factor Capital Humano mentions that some of the main advantages and benefits of artificial intelligence in human capital recruitment are the following:

  • Eliminate the common biases of decisions based on subjective concepts. 
  • Reduce the time dedicated to hiring and related actions.
  • Higher probabilities of selecting the best candidate..
  • Design the position well
  • Experience of the candidate

Differences between ATS and AI

While an ATS has many general functionalities that facilitate and order the recruitment process, softwares, although a little more limited in that aspect, makes use of artificial intelligence to predict what candidates are the most appropriate for the vacancies.
This undoubtedly is its differential factor: the first needs a human hand and the second, thanks to AI, functions automatically.

Additionally, it is important for you to know that there is softwares with artificial intelligence, like Quantum, which also offers the best of an ATS. Including its most used functionalities like: contact management, management of the recruitment process phases, and contact with the candidates by SMS, email, and video calls.

The best option will depend on your needs, for example our recruitment platform driven by the power of AI, Quantum, is tailor-made for companies with needs such as recruiting large volumes of operational personnel.

We apply technology so that the organizations that use us may modify their candidate selection process and make it more and more efficient.
Nonetheless, if the needs of your HR team are different, like managing processes in a more organized way and you have someone in charge of making the decisions related to the recruitment process, your ideal option could be ATS. 

Choose the Software That Suits Your Company!

Now that you know the definitions, differences, and advantages of each of these recruitment tools, you may decide with your team which one is ideal and which will have the desired impact for your company’s growth. 


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